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Will You Need To ‘Top Off’ Your AC Refrigerant?

This summer, your air conditioner has seen a lot of use. The hot weather isn’t over yet, so you might be concerned about the AC’s ability to keep up with all the strain it’s been subjected to. It’s easy to believe that your air conditioner needs additional refrigerant, or at the very least that it needs to be “topped-off,” to get through the remainder of the extreme heat.

To address this question, we must first understand the function of refrigerants from a technician of AC repair in Cypress.

What is a Refrigerant in The AC?

Refrigerant is a “heat exchange liquid,” which means it takes heat from your interior air and transmits it to the outside, thereby cooling it. The cooled air is recirculated back into your home, providing the cooling effect you’re experiencing.

Year in and year out, your refrigerant is pumped around your AC unit to chill your air. In the procedure, no refrigerant is lost. Hence, there is no requirement to “top off” your AC refrigerant. Sometimes, a refrigerant leak can occur, which is a significant problem that should be addressed immediately. Although an AC needs refrigerant, it is not the AC’s energy source.

The bottom line is that refrigerant is not fuel. The operation of an air conditioner does not necessitate the use of refrigerants. To run your air conditioner, all you need is electric power. Knowing a little about refrigerant and how it works might help you avoid shady “technicians” and recognize when an air conditioning repair in Cypress is needed. The essential lesson for the following section is that the quantity of refrigerant in an air conditioner when it is installed should remain constant throughout its life.

In several other respects, you will never have to refill the refrigerant as far as you own your air conditioning unit. Except…

1. Refrigerant Leaks

An air conditioner will not function flawlessly for the rest of its life. Leaks in the refrigerant lines might happen. When this happens, the quantity of refrigerant in the system (known as the AC’s charge) decreases. It is a severe AC repair in Cypress problem since air conditioners are intended to run on a separate charge, and if the charge diminishes, the system will fail.

How To Know if There is a Leak?

The following are indicators that you could have a refrigerant leak that needs to be fixed –

  • Even though your air conditioner is switched on and your thermostat is set to cool, your supply ducts/registers are spewing hot air.
  • Condensation has caused water to collect on the floor near your furnace.
  • It takes far too long for your house to cool down if it ever does.
  • Ice has formed on the copper cables that connect your air conditioner to your interior coil.
  • You’ve observed higher-than-average power costs as a result of your air conditioner working longer than usual to keep your house cool.

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