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The Right Furnace Size for Your Home

Furnaces are among the most beneficial things for a home when it’s cold outside. They are an essential part of any warm, comfortable home. However, keep in mind that a furnace can only perform its duties efficiently if it is the right size for the space it is designed to heat. Unless it’s the right size, it won’t keep you warm enough.

A small-sized furnace will cause excessive energy bills, uneven heating, and a shorter lifespan. The fact that it probably won’t keep you warm enough is also a concern. An oversized furnace can, on the other hand, make parts of your home unbearably hot. Moreover, it may cycle on and off too often, resulting in too fast wear and tear and requiring frequent furnace repair in Cypress. Making sure your furnace is sized correctly is the key to avoiding these problems. Listed below are some ways to go about it.

Which Furnace Size is Right For My House?

To make sure you make the right choice for your home, we recommend doing some research and determining your needs and goals before speaking with a qualified HVAC specialist or professional. Here are some points to consider:

Get The Square Footage of Your House

In most cases, you will find this number on your home purchase paperwork. Your realtor can assist you if you cannot locate this number. If not, you can estimate the square footage yourself. Start measuring by marking the width and length of each room. To calculate the square footage of each room, multiply its length by its width.

Next, measure the square footage of each room in your home and add them all up. Don’t include rooms that don’t have ductwork or rooms that aren’t intended to be heated, such as garages and sunrooms. Typically, furnace size charts are based on the assumption that your ceiling is eight feet high. Make appropriate changes to your calculation if you have higher or lower ceilings.

Discover The Climate Zone in Which You Live

If you’re working with Payless Services, you live in a climate zone where it’s cold, dry, and windy. These factors can impact the type of furnace you choose. In cold climates, you probably need a more powerful furnace. In Texas, you’ll not need to have a very heavy-duty furnace.

Check Out a Furnace Size Chart

The furnace size chart is available in several different formats. Here are charts that show how square footage compares to BTUs needed to heat a home. Typically, they follow similar guidelines:

  • In a 1,200-square-foot home, 35,000-75,000 BTUs will be needed
  • In a 1,500-square-foot home, 45,000-90,000 BTUs will be needed
  • In a 1,800-square-foot home, 55,00-110,000 BTUs will be needed
  • In a 2,100-square-foot home, 65,000-125,000 BTUs will be needed
  • In a 2,400-square-foot home, 75,000-145,000 BTUs will be needed

Get in touch with Payless Services if you want to update or upgrade your home’s furnace. Our technicians can answer any questions you may have regarding your system’s type, make, or model. Installation of your new furnace will be fast and efficient with us.

So you won’t have to spend another day not feeling entirely comfortable in your home. So, whenever you need furnace services near me, Payless Services is your solution. Do not forget to call us at (281) 741-5277 today!