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Professional Air Duct Replacement in Houston

Residential Duct Installation & Repair

Your home ductwork moves conditioned air throughout each room to maintain an equally comfortable environment no matter where you are. When there is a problem with the air ducts, it puts a strain on your air conditioning equipment and can reduce indoor air quality, causing an increase in utility bills and could potentially damaging your AC system. Payless Services HVAC & Refrigeration offers residential duct services in Houston, including new air duct installation and repair.

If you suspect a problem with your air ducts, call (281) 549-8712 to schedule an air duct replacement in Houston.

Problems Caused by Faulty Ductwork

When air ducts are torn, leaking, or improperly connected, your air conditioning system performance can be negatively impacted. Warmed and cooled air can escape through ducts before it reaches its destination, diminishing the comfort of your home. Your air conditioner will still work hard, but your house won’t be cooled as it should, making energy bills increase. In addition, dust and particles from the ducts can enter the air and reduce indoor air quality.

Start with a Comprehensive Air Duct Evaluation

Some common signs indicating an air duct problem include higher than normal energy bills, excessive dust throughout the home, and hot or cold spots in different areas of the house when the air conditioner is running. If you have noticed any of these signs, call Payless Services HVAC & Refrigeration to have one of our HVAC technicians perform a detailed air duct evaluation and suggest the right services for your specific residential or commercial needs.

Our Houston duct repair technicians evaluate your air duct system to check:

  • Design functionality and installation of air ducts
  • Size and location of each supply and grill
  • Supply and return plenum dimensions
  • Air leaks and areas causing loss of efficiency
  • Attic air filtration
  • Insulation levels
  • Seals on collars, grills, and connections
  • Air flow testing with Flow Hood equipment

Based on what we find during the evaluation of your air ducts, we can recommend the most effective repair solution. Our AC repair technicians are trained and equipped to handle any duct problem from minor adjustments to complete installation of new ductwork.

Call Payless Services HVAC & Refrigeration today or contact us online to schedule a duct inspection or duct repair in Houston!

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