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How To Fix an AC That Does Not Blow Cold Air?

Of the many AC problems that the residents of Cypress, CA, face, the inability of the AC to blow cold air is quite common. For many homeowners, this kind of problem would not only mean that the summer heat would prove uncomfortable to them.

In addition to this, there would be a significant increase in the electricity bill as well. Therefore, a homeowner who faces this problem will require air conditioning repair in Cypress.

Steps To Take if an AC is Not Blowing Cold Air

There are several possible reasons why a unit is struggling to release cold air. Technicians offering AC repair in Cypress will inspect the unit for the following possible causes:

  • Obstructed filters

Filters are often tasked with the important role of catching minute to larger-sized dirt and allergens that may be present in the air. All the air that goes into the system will have to first pass through the ac filter before reaching the unit’s other components.

In case this filter is clogged by a large amount of dirt or debris, it will mean that less air is reaching the internal components. Therefore, the air filter will require replacement. Most technicians state that the air filter should be changed once in six months.

  • Closed drain

Another component that can become clogged is the drain of the system. These drains are usually outlets for the moisture or water that accumulates in the interior of the unit. However, this damp environment will mean that algae will grow and cause the drain to become clogged.

Homeowners that hire AC repair in Cypress, for this reason, will receive an unclogged drain when technicians introduce bleach into the piping.

  • Clogged compressor

Regular AC maintenance will involve cleaning the area around the compressor. This is because, throughout the year, dirt and large debris get lodged in the compressor and stops the system from running properly.

This could cause problems like a reduction in the cooling capacity of the unit, therefore, requiring AC repair and cleaning. Therefore, one will require air conditioning repair in Cypress to deal with this particular process.

  • Decreased refrigerant levels

One of the most common reasons for the decrease in cool air coming from the unit is low refrigerant levels. Cracks or holes in coils that hold refrigerant will result in liquid Freon dripping from the said openings.

Some units utilize AC gas in place of a liquid refrigerant which can also escape from these pores. This loss in gas will also mean a loss in the pressure inside the unit.

The units older than 10 years tend to be more likely to have holes and refrigerant leakage. Therefore, a homeowner may opt to replace their unit entirely instead of repairing it at this juncture.

Thus, there are several reasons why the unit may be unable to blow cool air. To ensure that the AC unit is functionally optimal, homeowners residing in Cypress can contact us for quality AC service. Call us at 281-741-5277 for a service today.