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How Much Does An Air Conditioner Service Cost?

Air conditioners are major contributors to comfort and calm during harsh summers. These mechanical devices protect us from the heat and shield us from the health problems it brings along. Due to air conditioners, we are accustomed to staying in a cool space, making a failure in the system unbearable. A broken air conditioner makes us miserable and frustrated, with the heat having no limits.

An air conditioner can stop working without any warning, and in such a situation, calling for an AC service in Cypress is the only way out. However, while scheduling a service, you won’t get adequate time to understand the pricing of the service, and you might end up paying more than what the service is worth. Thus, learning about the ideal cost for an air conditioning service in Cypress is essential.

Costs of Each Repair Under Air Conditioner Service

Your air conditioner requires a yearly AC service in Cypress to function without failures. Service includes inspection of the unit, cleaning of all the parts, and changes for future safety. Each service has different repairs under it, and each repair has a different price, which will be discussed below –

  • Thermostat Failure Repair

A replacement should fix a damaged thermostat. You can replace your home’s thermostat with a smart wifi thermostat. Though it costs more than a regular thermostat, it is energy efficient and has additional beneficial features. A thermostat replacement may cost you around $200-$550.

  • Capacitor Replacement

Instead of investing in a new air conditioner, you can replace your capacitor. A capacitor costs between $250-$350. A capacitor replacement is a typical repair and can easily increase the efficiency and life of your system.

  • Refrigerant Leak Repair

The leaking of refrigerants is a very common problem amongst air conditioners. The cost of the refrigerant leak repair depends upon the location of the leak. It is achieved by doing the leak detection test to get the object to be repaired. Generally, this repair costs around $150-$500. The cost may reduce if the leak is at the technician’s reach.

  • Fan Motor Replacement

The fan motor is responsible for blowing air across the condenser coil. If only the AC fan motor of your system is disrupted and the remaining system functions without fault, a fan motor replacement is a great choice. The replacement might cost you between $500-$1200.

  • AC Circuit Board Service

Mostly, if there is an issue with the AC circuit board, it is replaced with a new one. The circuit board is the source of electricity, and without it, the air conditioner has no use. A new circuit board installation may cost you around $450-$1300.

While scheduling for service, ensure to distinguish between the need for a replacement and a new AC installation. Payless Services offers one of Cypress’ best air conditioning services, and our team keeps you in the loop during all repairs. We can help you get cost-effective services for your air conditioner. To book an AC service in Cypress, call us at (281)-741-5277 today.