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An AC That Is Not Blowing Cold Air: How To Handle It?

Air conditioner blowing warm air instead of cooling the room? This can be a source of irritation, especially during the summer months when temperatures soar. As a result, it’s crucial to perform quick fixes on your own if your air conditioner stops cooling.

However, if the damages go beyond minor issues, you’ll need professional help for AC repairing. The following are the most common reasons why an air conditioner’s cooling capacity is reduced. Most of these issues will require professional help like Air Conditioning Repair Cypress, but you can save money on the bill if you do the repairs yourself.

Having Trouble With Your Filter

When the airflow is reduced, the unit’s ability to chill air effectively is reduced, and efficiency is decreased. There are some filters that need to be changed on a monthly basis, and others that need to be changed three times per year.


Once the dirt has been removed, thoroughly clean your air filter by rinsing it in warm water after removing it. Invest in a new filter if the problem persists.

Compressor Not Working

One of the most critical aspects of the air conditioner is its compressor. It controls the flow between the condenser and the evaporator. The AC may no longer function properly if the compressor is damaged or breaks down. You’ll need Air Conditioning Repair Cypress to solve this problem.


To ensure the safety of your AC compressor, you must have it serviced by a licensed HVAC professional at least once a year.

Thermostat Settings Are Incorrect

If your split or window AC isn’t cooling, check the thermostat. A problem arises when your air conditioner blows out cool air, followed by lukewarm air, and then vice versa.


Whenever you find yourself in such a situation, set the thermostat to automatic mode. When the air is cooled, the fan will turn on.

Mistakenly Placed

The AC’s location causes a room’s inability to cool. Other devices, such as microwaves, tend to cause problems. Freezers and other appliances obstruct airflow and generate heat, which negates the cooling effect of the air conditioning system.


If the AC is located in a room with direct sunlight, it will be more challenging to cool the space. Determining the unit’s optimal location and keeping it out of the sun can be beneficial.

The Motors Ceased To Function

The proper operation of an AC is dependent on a variety of fans and motors. However, it is possible for the motor of the fan to be damaged, especially over a long period. Because the outdoor unit cannot dissipate heat, the interiors will be warmer.


Homeowners with this problem will have no choice but to hire a professional AC repair company like AC Repair Cypress in order to fix it.

In the end, there are a number of possible causes for a non-functioning AC. It is therefore important to call us at 281-741-5277 if your AC isn’t blowing cold air.