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Spring AC Repair

Spring AC Tune Ups & Installation with a Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee

Payless Services HVAC & Refrigeration provides high-quality residential AC repair in Spring. Whether you need air conditioning repair or a new system installed, we offer the best products and services from highly qualified technicians at a fair price. By choosing Payless Services HVAC & Refrigeration, you can Pay Less, not more!

Free estimates offered for Spring AC repair, AC tune ups, & installation. Call Payless Services HVAC Refrigeration at (281) 549-8712 to learn more.

Energy Efficient AC Solutions

For many homes, the costs of running an AC system can amount to more than half of their household’s utility expenses. Payless Services can help you select a high-efficiency air conditioning system that will provide better performance often at a lower cost. A properly sized air conditioning system with a higher Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) can improve the comfort of your home while saving you money.

"I never encountered an organization so committed to quality and customer service!"

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5 Signs You Need AC Repair

1. Fast cycling - If it seems as though your AC is turning on and off repeatedly, then give our Spring AC repair specialists a call. Your AC could be too big for your residence or it's possible that you've got an issue with the compressor.

2. Loud noises - All air conditioning units make some noise. But it shouldn't be so loud that you can't hear your TV. If you're hearing screeching, rattling, or rumbling it's better to get your unit checked out so a small problem doesn't turn into a big one.

3. Strange smells - Something rotten or the smell of mildew likely means you've got something in your ducts that shouldn't be there. But if you're smelling something burning coming from your AC, then it'd be best to call in the experts.

4. Frozen unit - First, check your air filter. If your AC unit isn't getting the proper airflow it needs, then your coolant will go unchecked and freeze your evaporator coil and then your unit. Look out for water that's melting off your unit.

5. Monthly utility bills on the rise - If your AC isn't operating at 100% then it might need to take up more electricity than normal to cool your residence. You won't notice this issue in your indoor environment but when you go to pay your monthly utility bill it will be higher than normal.

Quality Products & Service at the Best Price

When it is time to replace your air conditioner, our Spring AC repair technicians will work with you to find the right air conditioning system for your home. We evaluate a number of aspects such as insulation, windows, and square footage of your home to make suitable recommendations for your specific needs. At Payless Services, we provide each customer with a high-quality, custom designed air conditioning system using products from leading brands with the best warranties in the industry.

We meet every need with Spring AC service that includes:

  • AC Repair
  • AC Installation
  • System Replacement
  • Duct System Design
  • AC Tune-Ups & Preventative Maintenance
  • Annual Maintenance Plans
  • Commercial AC repair

Our Spring air conditioning service technicians have more than 100 years of combined experience providing residential AC repair and installation. We are committed to changing the landscape of the industry by consistently providing superior HVAC services to every customer with honesty and integrity, whether through a minor repair or by installing a new system.

Contact Payless Services HVAC & Refrigeration at (281) 549-8712 to schedule Spring AC repair or request a free estimate for a new system.

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