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Spring AC Installation & Replacement

Upgrade Your Comfort & Efficiency

Having a way to beat the summer heat is critical, particularly here in Spring where the temperatures average in the 90s for much of the season. If your current air conditioning system is not up to the task of getting you through the season, it may be time to consider an upgrade. At Payless Services HVAC & Refrigeration, our team of Spring air conditioning installation experts can help guide you through the process! From determining whether a new system is right for you, to choosing the model that works best for your property, to getting the new system installed perfectly, we’ll be here with you every step of the way.

Our team understands that a new HVAC system is a significant investment and that the product will ideally be serving you for the next decade at the very least. This is why we take the time to sit down and talk with you and get a clear idea of what your goals and priorities are. With that information in mind, we will provide you with a detailed, completely customized recommendation for your new system. We even provide a range of financing options if you are ready for a new AC but your budget isn’t!

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The Upsides to Upgrading

Given the investment of time and money that goes with a new air conditioner, many people try to put off replacement for as long as possible. While this stance is understandable, we have found that this is not the money-saving trick many are hoping for. As an air conditioner nears the end of its life, its efficiency begins to degrade more and more. Put simply, it takes more energy – and therefore money – to achieve the same level of comfort. Because of this, these older systems tend to cost more in repairs and monthly utilities than it would have to get a more efficient replacement.

Just a few of the benefits of installing a new air conditioner include:

  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Optimized performance
  • Decreased energy costs
  • Minimized repair costs
  • Improved indoor air quality

Furthermore, a property with an optimally functioning air conditioner is simply more comfortable and pleasant to spend time in!

5 Signs You Should Consider AC Replacement

1. Old age - Most AC units last on average between 8-12 years, so a unit that's older than that shouldn't be getting more repairs.

2. Repair after repair - If you're finding that you need to repair your AC every season, then you might want to consider consulting our Spring AC replacement experts. An expensive repair on an old unit should always be measured against the cost of a new unit.

3. Rising utility bills - One thing many dying AC units have in common is they lose efficiency over time. While you might not notice this lack of efficiency in your air temperature, you will when you go to pay the monthly utility bill.

4. It uses R22 Freon - While AC units that depend on the coolant won't be illegal, the 2020 Freon Ban will make these units cost prohibitive in the near future since the production of the coolant is now illegal.

5. Short cycling - If your AC is short-cycling or turning on and off repeatedly, then contact our Spring AC installation experts because either your AC is too big for your home or there's something off with the compressor.

Set Your Climate Control System Up for Success

Ensuring that you have an air conditioner that is sized for your property and will meet its cooling needs is critical for its long-term success. At Payless Services HVAC & Refrigeration, we can help you find the right system and install it flawlessly. From there, all you need for a long-lasting air conditioner is top-notch annual maintenance to keep it in excellent condition!

Let’s find the perfect set up for your needs. Contact Spring AC replacement team today to get started!

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